Laver son linge sale

The French lesson du jour is: "Laver son linge sale", to clean one's dirty laundry.

The aptly named 24 hour laundry, a Palo Alto startup co-founded by Mark Andreesen, is already causing a few people to air their (dirty) laundry even before it opens for business. Russ complains about CNet, Om and Mark, then Diego spills the beans (sort of).

It looks like a new consumer-oriented video-blogging social-networking web service is around the corner. From their minimalist site (they're a "stealth startup"), one can infer the backend will be in Java, the front-end in PHP/Javascript/DHTML (and all the latest goodies I guess, though they didn't list Ajax ;-)) with may be some desktop clients for Windows, Max OS and Linux, and surely mobile phones. But what I particularly like is this about page. Not a breakthrough but still a nice recipe for a startup.

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